Every individual in this world has a different strategy to live. Some people tend to create goals or objectives in their lives which, once completed, bring satisfaction and joy to them. While on the other hand, there are people who fancy no such objectives or accomplishments in life and live each day as it comes.

The goal-oriented people are driven by their dreams. They are always striving hard for their upcoming milestone; be it an interview they need to qualify for, or an entry test they wish to ace. …

Copying and pasting data or content, which is only available to view in a web browser, eventually becomes a tedious job. This becomes a mammoth task when the data we want to extract or retrieve is extensive. An example could be trying to extract positive statements from thousands of customers, reviewing a product on an e-commerce website.

That is where the concept of web scraping comes into play! The technique of web scraping automates this feature. Hence, instead of copying and pasting data manually, the web scraping software will perform the same task for us within seconds.

Web scraping…

Haya Baig Mirza

I eat data for breakfast.

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